Central Park season 3 episode 7 recap & review: Slumber-Dog-Molly-an-Aire

The seventh episode of Central Park season 3 sees Molly embarking on an outdoor adventure with her friends during a slumber party at her home. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


Molly was planning to have a slumber party at her house with her friends Hazel and Shauna. She liked telling her mother, Paige, everything and confessed that there is a lot of pressure on her to make sure that this party is epic.

If there is even a single thing that is childish, her friends at school might make fun of her. Paige tries to understand the rules of this new slumber party, which she believes is nothing but a sleepover.

The only rule Molly wanted her mother to take care of is no checking on them. Paige promised to not check, but still, she insisted that she will at least come at 11.00 pm for lights out.

In order to help his sister out, Cole invited Enrique in and they were going to serve them like their home is a five-star hotel.

Hazel and Shauna arrived, and everything Molly had planned went smoothly. Until a change in the plan came from Hazel and Shauna’s side.

Marcus, a boy Hazel thinks is cute, texted Shauna that he wants to meet them in the park. Marcus is also bringing a friend along with him, who could potentially be Shauna’s future boyfriend.

Since Molly lives in the same Central Park, they thought it won’t be a problem. All they need to do is sneak out, without Paige finding out about it.

Cole saw them as they jumped out of the window. Molly asked his brother to cover for her if he wants her slumber party to go well.

The boys mimicked Molly, Hazel, and Shauna’s voices in Molly’s room to convince Paige that they are up there having fun.

Molly and her friends walked through the park and came across a closed bridge that won’t let them go to the other side. They still wanted to meet the boys and opted to walk on the outside ledge of the bridge.

Halfway through the bridge, the rain caught up, and Molly accidentally suggested going back. The girls somehow agreed to it, and they all went back together.

Back home, Paige saw through Cole’s lies and left to look for Paige and the girls. She not only found the closed bridge but also got her car stuck in the mud.

Much like the girls, Paige also tried to cross the bridge through the outside ledge. Halfway through the bridge, she fell and was hanging by the ledge.

She received a call from Molly saying that they are back home. Paige asked Molly to send her father to help her.

Before Owen could come to rescue, the boys who were going to meet Molly and her friends met Paige on the bridge and rescued her.

Owen, Molly, and everyone else at home later arrived at the bridge. Marcus’ friend turned out to be Shauna’s cousin, so her dreams of having him as her boyfriend went crashing.

Molly knew her mother was not happy with her antics. Still, Paige reconciled with her the next day, but Molly was grounded for lying.

Amidst all of this, Bitsy woke up at night because of a horrible dream. Abby suggested moving her bed would help her, and she won’t have those dreams again.

Bitsy agreed to it, but the bed broke while Abby and Helen were trying to move it.

Abby came up with a second solution and asked Bitsy to talk about her dreams. Bitsy told them about kissing an old man she doesn’t like.

When the handyman named Mooney arrived to fix the bed, that’s when Abby and Helen realized that Bitsy was kissing Mooney in her dreams.

Helen thought there is only one way to fix this problem. Once Mooney was done repairing the bed, Helen fired him, so that Bitsy would never see his face again.


  • It was crazy to see how awkward Molly suddenly became when it came to making sure that her party lives up to the expectations of her friends. This is not the first time we got awkward Molly though.
  • Hazel and Shauna have always been funny whenever they appear in the show. The way Hazel describes she will kiss a boy is quite hilarious. On top of that, we get Shauna who wants to tag along for whatever Hazel is up to.
  • Since the time Abby saved Bitsy from going behind the bars, Bitsy has continued to trust Abby a lot and this episode saw their relationship flourish further.
Central Park season 3 episode 7
Central Park season 3 episode 7 recap & review: Slumber-Dog-Molly-an-Aire 1

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