Central Park season 3 episode 11 recap & review: The Puffs Go Poof

The eleventh episode of Central Park season 3 sees Molly diving deep into the story of superhero Fista Puffs, who is about to give up her superpower. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


The superhero Fista Puffs thrives to stop Kablaminator and rescue the woman he has held hostage. She spins Kablaminator around in the air, using her hair, and forces him to spill the location of the hostage.

Fista Puffs breaks the hostage out, and the woman introduces herself as a nuclear physicist. She offers to help Fista Puffs with anything that involves nuclear stuff if she ever needs it.

Fista Puffs promises that she will come to her if she ever faces something like that.

After taking care of Kablaminator, Fista Puffs returns home to test the new weapons created by her assistant, Morgan, though they never come in handy as her hairs are strong enough.

She prepares herself for hair restoration, and the cycle goes on and on. Fista Puffs eventually gets sick of saving the day time and again when there are other heroes that could do the same.

The actual problem is her puffy hair, as they have to go through the restoration process every time she comes back from a fight.

Morgan acknowledges the problem she is facing and suggests a way to straighten her hair, but there are consequences for it. She can’t go near water as her hair would turn into giant knotted waves.

On top of that, the powers of her hair will be neutralized entirely, and this effect can’t be reversed. So Fista Puffs must make sure that she is ready. Fista Puffs gives this a thought and finally opts to go through the process.

With her puffs gone, she now relies on the weapons created by Morgan, which were once nothing but waste.

She also finds herself free to attend certain events that she wasn’t able to before and decides to go to a hero gala, where she crosses paths with a villain named Dr. Splash, who controls water.

Water is something Fista Puffs is supposed to avoid, but she melts down when she sees the people who need her help.

Though her schedule is very hectic, she realizes that it is her responsibility to save the people of the city. She went back to Morgan to get her old hair back.

Morgan had warned that the effect is irreversible. Now, only a nuclear scientist is someone who can restore those puffs.

That’s when Fista Puffs remembered the woman she saved while fighting Kablaminator. She is a nuclear physicist after all. Fista Puffs approached her, and the nuclear physicist helped Puffs get her old hair back.

Fista Puffs defeated Mr. Splash by absorbing him into her hair and wringing him down into the sewer.

Molly, who spent time drawing this whole comic, realizes that she takes time for some things, like for her hair, but all of that extra work is worth it.

Molly has plans to go with her friends to the pool and then to a movie. She can’t do both of these things back-to-back, as her hair takes time to dry and settle.

So it’s kind of hard and time-consuming for her, but now she knows it’s okay to take that time.

Amidst all of this, Bitsy finds herself working with content creators. Apparently, the first search about Bitsy on the internet shows images and videos that make fun of her or despise her.

Bitsy wants to push them down by putting out some positive content. The content creation team puts her to a test, and Bitsy goes through a complete makeover. In the end, she admits that this is not for her.

She asks for another way to get rid of all that bad stuff about her on the internet. The team suggests that she can buy all the sites making fun of her, and Bitsy finds this option easier.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Tillerman family spent time for “The Chat and Chuck,” where they decided whether they should keep their old clothes or throw them away.


  • With the help of Molly and her drawings, the show delivers the message of how one should be comfortable with their own self.
  • The show is once again packed with clever punches. Fista Puffs’ storyline is filled with competent jokes about the characters involved in her adventure.
  • The episode presents a basic superhero storyline effectively.
  • Bitsy continues to surprise the viewers in every other episode. Even her arc in this episode somewhere captures the same message Fista Puffs’ storyline is giving as Bitsy tries to be something she is not in order to please the audiences on the internet.
Central Park season 3 episode 11
Central Park season 3 episode 11 recap & review: The Puffs Go Poof 1

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