Castaway Diva season 1 episode 7 recap & review: Seo Mok-ha vs. Eun Mo-rae

The seventh episode of Castaway Diva sees Woo-hak discovering the truth about his past and Mok-ha competing against Mo-rae. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


Woo-hak’s father, whose real name is Lee Uk, tells him the story of how he met Woo-hak’s mother. Years ago, when he was a civil servant, Ms. Song came to ask him whether she could change her name without her husband finding out. 

She wanted to keep her two sons safe from her abusive husband, Mr. Jung. Going to the police did not help, but Lee Uk found a way to help her. A family of four had disappeared in his region. The family has two sons.

To keep Woo-hak and Bo-geol safe, they stole the identities of the family that had disappeared and started living as the Kang family. Lee Uk and Ms. Song fell in love and got married. Lee Uk now tells Woo-hak that he was Jung Chae-ho and Bo-geol was Jung Ki-ho before they changed their names.

Meanwhile, Mo-rae has no choice but to perform live on Heyday Again. If she refuses to appear on the show at the last minute, Bo-geol will tell the reporters that Mo-rae backed out because she was nervous about performing live.

Ran-joo is also not happy with this development. She will have to reveal that it is Mok-ha who has been singing in her place. Mok-ha will get recognition, and Ran-joo fears that Mok-ha will steal her spotlight just like Mo-rae did.

However, Mok-ha tells her how she had befriended a seagull on the deserted island and how she did not betray it by stealing its eggs even when she had been starving. She promises that she will never betray Ran-joo, who then allows Mok-ha to take her stage.

Knowing that she will lose the spotlight once again after the show, Ran-joo breaks down. President Lee sees her crying alone and stands outside her door to prevent anyone else from interrupting her.

Mok-ha finds out that Bo-geol has been volunteering to clean deserted islands since he was in college. Bo-geol is the only person who is confident that Mok-ha can win against Mo-rae, even though Mo-rae has a lot of fans in the audience.

The background that Bo-geol has picked for the show reminds Mok-ha of the time Ki-ho shot her music video. All these things make Mok-ha suspect that Bo-geol is Ki-ho. Bo-geol ensures that Mok-ha gets the perfect debut; he even gets her dressed up like a star.

President Lee had convinced Mo-rae to take this as an opportunity to beat Mok-ha and prove her worth. Mo-rae agrees to compete with Mok-ha, but she is extremely nervous. 

When the shooting begins, Ran-joo apologizes to the audience and admits that someone else has been singing in her place. She tells the audience to vote for the best voice if they wish to meet the girl who has been singing for her all this time. This increases Mok-ha’s chances of winning.

Mok-ha and Mo-rae sing the same song, and it is Mok-ha who wins. Her face is revealed to the audience, and she immediately starts trending on social media. After witnessing her talent, President Lee tells Ran-joo that he is thinking of getting Mok-ha to join the agency.

After the show, Ran-joo advises Mo-rae to try harder and be better if she does not want to end up like her. Mo-rae takes her advice to heart and apologizes to her fans for disappointing them. 

Mok-ha overhears Woo-hak and Bo-geol’s conversation. Now that Woo-hak knows how their family got new identities, he does not want to get his old name back. He does not even want Mok-ha to become famous and draw attention to their family. However, Bo-geol is tired of deceiving people and does not want to live a lie anymore. 

The conversation makes Mok-ha realize that Bo-geol is Ki-ho and that he has been lying to her, even though he knows that she has been desperately looking for Ki-ho. What Mok-ha does not know is that Bo-geol has been looking out for her since the day he found her on the deserted island.

Mr. Jung sees Mok-ha’s performance and comes to the studio. Mok-ha decides to talk to him alone. She tries to convince him that she has not met Ki-ho yet, but Mr. Jung figures out that she is lying. 

Mr. Jung has no intention of leaving her alone, as he wants to find Ki-ho. This scares Mok-ha. She decides to give up on her dream of becoming a singer and runs away. Ran-joo had earlier asked her not to betray her by giving up, but Mok-ha ends up breaking her trust.

Woo-hak and Bo-geol look for Mok-ha. Now that Mok-ha is popular, they use the internet to find her. Bo-geol finds her crying at a restaurant for betraying her friend. Bo-geol no longer tries to hide the fact that he is Ki-ho.

Mok-ha is angry with him for not telling her the truth sooner, but he placates her by telling her all the things that he wanted to tell her on the day he found her. When he tells her that he wanted to thank her for being alive, Mok-ha and Bo-geol embrace while Woo-hak gets upset seeing them together. 


  • Ran-joo and Mok-ha’s friendship had grown into a sweet bond that was based on trust. Ran-joo even overcomes her insecurities for Mok-ha’s sake, which is why it is upsetting to see Mok-ha break Ran-joo’s trust and run away without an explanation. 
  • The episode tried to make Mok-ha’s performance magical, and it did not fail. The song, the cinematography, the set, and the costume make Mok-ha look like a star who is capable of holding everyone’s attention.
  • On the other hand, Mo-rae’s nervousness is felt in her voice. Her performance is not bad by any means, but the episode manages to create a slight difference between the two performances, and it is Mok-ha’s voice that stands out.
Castaway Diva season 1 episode 7
Castaway Diva season 1 episode 7 recap & review: Seo Mok-ha vs. Eun Mo-rae 1

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