Castaway Diva season 1 episode 6 recap & review: Secrets vs. Lies

In the sixth episode of Castaway Diva, Bo-geol tells Woo-hak about their past, and Ran-joo learns that she will be competing against Eun Mo-rae. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


Woo-hak only leaves Mr. Jung’s house when Bo-geol promises to tell him the truth about their past. According to Bo-geol, they are both Mr. Jung’s sons and Woo-hak is Ki-ho. Years ago, when Ki-ho talked back to Mr. Jung, he hit him with a chair. 

This led to Ki-ho losing his memory. Woo-hak and Bo-geol’s mother, Ms. Song, then changed their names and married the man Woo-hak now considers his father. She wanted Woo-hak to forget his horrible past, and that is why she never told him the truth.

Woo-hak thinks that Mr. Jung can no longer harm them, so he wants to get their real identities back. However, Bo-geol tells him that if they do that, their family will be destroyed. 

Woo-hak is not upset with his parents for lying to him for years; he is grateful that they protected him. Bo-geol tells Ms. Song that Mr. Jung is the man who tried to hurt Mok-ha, which makes her anxious.

Woo-hak tells Mok-ha that he met Ki-ho and that Ki-ho is married and happy. He gives her the drive that has the music video that Ki-ho shot and edited for her years ago. He also tells her that Ki-ho is rooting for her from afar.

Mok-ha does not believe him. When Mok-ha had asked Ms. Song about Ki-ho, she had lied to her about not knowing him. The conversation made Mok-ha believe that either Bo-geol or Woo-hak is Ki-ho. 

Woo-hak then meets Young-ju because he is covering Dae-woong’s accident. Dae-woong’s dashcam footage is missing, so Young-ju suspects that someone placed hornets in her husband’s car to cause the accident. She is not wrong. Mr. Jung has the footage, and he finds out that Dae-woong and Young-ju know where Ki-ho is.

Mok-ha continues singing for Ran-joo, who keeps appearing on Heyday Again. Ran-joo’s popularity skyrockets. President Hwang is rereleasing Ran-joo’s old albums, and he informs her that he is receiving several preorders. 

It is then that Ran-joo comes to know that she will be competing against Mo-rae on Heyday Again. President Lee knows that Ran-joo will lose if she competes with Mo-rae, who is currently the most famous idol.

President Lee convinces Mo-rae to give her best by telling her that Ran-joo wants to make Mok-ha a star. The mention of Mok-ha’s name makes Mo-rae insecure, as Mo-rae has always felt like she is Mok-ha’s replacement.

Yong-gwan informs the producers that Mo-rae will lip-sync during the live competition, and they all agree, including Bo-geol. Mok-ha cannot protest, as Yong-gwan has the video of Mok-ha singing for Ran-joo. 

Ran-joo’s doctor tells her that she is fine now and that she should have no difficulty singing. The reason behind Ran-joo not being able to hit high notes is psychological, not physical. 

While Mo-rae has yearned for Ran-joo’s approval, Ran-joo does not like her because she lost her fame to her. To prove herself better than Ran-joo, Mo-rae will be performing Ran-joo’s debut song.

Ms. Song suggests that Mok-ha become a hairdresser, as people her age do not become stars. Bo-geol tries to comfort her in his own way, but Mok-ha is also upset with him for not opposing Yong-gwan. 

She now believes that Bo-geol cannot be Ki-ho. She could rely on Ki-ho, but Bo-geol confuses her. He goes from supporting her to acting like he does not care about her. However, Bo-geol has his reasons for not opposing Yong-gwan.

Heyday Again’s producer is indisposed, so Bo-geol has to take charge of the show. The audio that Mo-rae has prerecorded for the live performance has been edited heavily to ensure that no one will be able to win against her.

When Mok-ha meets Mo-rae on the day of the show, Mok-ha provokes her into singing live instead of lip-syncing to that heavily edited audio. At the same time, Woo-hak tells his father that he has regained his memories and wants to know how they changed their names.

Now that Bo-geol is in charge, he decides that he will not allow Ran-joo and Mo-rae to lip-sync. He wants them to sing live and compete honestly. If Ran-joo wins, she will have to tell everyone that Mok-ha has been singing in her place. 


  • The episode reveals that Woo-hak is Ki-ho, but the revelation is neither surprising nor convincing. The gaps in Bo-geol’s story make it hard to accept it as the truth.  
  • Mo-rae’s character makes President Lee and Ran-joo’s conflict interesting. She is introduced as Mok-ha’s rival, who has been waiting for 15 years to prove that she is better than her.
  • The episode’s end hints that Mok-ha might finally come into the limelight. The ending will keep the audience eagerly waiting for the next episode.
Castaway Diva season 1 episode 6
Castaway Diva season 1 episode 6 recap & review: Secrets vs. Lies 1

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