Bulgasal: Immortal Souls season 1 episode 13 recap & review

‘Bulgasal: Immortal Souls’ has come out with the thirteenth episode of season 1 on Netflix which depicts the ancient Bulgasal curse is brought to life through spectacular and brutal action scenes from the past and today.


Hwal recalls Eul-Tae’s pledge to steal everything he owns and tells his unofficial family to go. This diatribe irritates Hye-Suk, who feels ignored and left out of Hwal’s thinking, so she packs her belongings and prepares to leave.

Meanwhile, Ho-Yeol learns of Eul-Tae’s plans, prompting a call for Hwal’s trust as the private detective tries to uncover the guy who might ruin everything for everyone, unnoticed.

Eul-Tae battles a man who wants to murder a cat before revealing his current state of mind. Dark Hole, unhappy and enraged, declares that he would kill Hwal, sending his deadly pal on a mission.

Now, Ho-Yeol is on his way to find Eul-Tae, which Sang-Un finds troubling. Later, Si-Ho and Sang-Un discuss the memories, with the younger sibling expressing her wish for Sang-Un not to recall any more than she already does in order to avoid any harmful consequences.

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Following Hwal’s assistance in tending to Sang-Un’s wound, another memory resurfaces, this time of the pair as a couple. Sang-Un takes after the children here and appears to be satisfied with her existence, but past-life Hwal is worried that the lady he loves may abandon him.

Eul-Tae then appears, surveys the devastation and assists the stabbed Hwal in escaping. Sang-Un declines to reveal this remembrance when given the chance but Hwal notices her reluctance to communicate with him when they discuss Eul-Tae.

Ho-Yeol notices the Eul-Tae’s deadly companion and interrogates him but to no avail. The detective then contacts an old police colleague, requesting a background check on the mystery individual he met which is denied.

Sang-Un asks Hwal to withdraw his soul from her again while doing laundry but he immediately deduces that this must mean she doesn’t feel safe and that her memories are causing suspicion.

He requests some time to locate Eul-Tae so that she will not have to see him again but Do-Yoon interrupts the conversation before he can respond. It’s about Hye-Suk’s attitude but there’s yet more commotion when the cops arrive at Hwal’s residence.

They’re on the lookout for both Hwal and Sang-Un, who are now murder suspects and have even obtained a search order. Due to the duo’s escape, they are unable to locate them and Ho-Yeol’s former colleague is informed of the man’s identity as Bulgasal.

Meanwhile, Hwal and Sang-Un debate whether or not Eul-Tae is to blame and Si-Ho and Do-Yoon are called as witnesses.

The house is deserted when the fugitives return. It turns out that there was no summons and Si-Ho, Do-Yoon, and Hye-Suk are being handed over to Eul-Tae straight now.

When the mayor discusses his general election plans with Eul-Tae, the monster’s wound is mending and also that the government official has had enough of being a pawn. He threatens Dark Hole, which results in death as expected.

Meanwhile, Hwal and Sang-Un try to locate the kidnapped three with Ho-Yeol’s connections to an old colleague paying off when the private detective recognises the ominous voice of the killer farmworker over a phone call.

Eul-Tae is on the phone with Sang-un, who is perplexed as to why he kidnapped her sister and two friends. He says that Sang-un must know why she intended to kill Hwal previously.

When the little gang tries to defend themselves against Eul-Tae, the monster drags his ally into the warehouse-like structure before killing Do-Yoon and his companions.

Fortunately for Si-Ho, Hye-Suk intervenes but the elderly guardian is beaten to a pulp before prophesying that an evil spirit will emerge from the black hole.

Eul-Tae exits the building with blood around his mouth as Ho-yeol arrives, exiting the scene without pleasure. Even if Si-ho and Do-yoon hold out hope, it appears that Hye-suk has succumbed to the monster and is passing away. She dies after a touching statement, and we’re left with a nostalgic flashback.

We witness Eul-Tae’s ally arrive at the scene when Ho-Yeol arrives at the building and joins in the embrace. When Hwal and Sang-Un arrive, Si-Ho and Do-Yoon have most likely been abducted.

Sang-un then notices Hye-Suk, who, like Hwal, is distraught about her loss. However, there is no time to lament because the investigators are on their way to arrest the two.

Hwal snaps, hurling one detective against the wall in an attempt to locate Si-Ho and Do-Yoon. He stabs Ho-Yeol’s former colleague, threatening to kill everyone who stands in his way or causes trouble for his family.

When Hwal is told the information of the two’s location, Sang-Un takes the stabbing in her hand to prevent a death, abd the Bulgasal tears over what to do next.


  • Early in the season, the dark, gloomy fantasy seems to be pushed aside in favour of greater romance.
  • This episode in particular feels a little fragmented, with a few moments of action sandwiched between a lot of family drama at home.
  • They seem to have put off their great plot for a time, and with Eul-Tae weakened, they might have easily tossed him in the well and interrogated him there.

Rating 3/5

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