Bulgasal: Immortal Souls season 1 episode 12 recap

‘Bulgasal: Immortal Souls’ has come out with the twelfth episode of season 1 on Netflix. The show revolves around an old voodoo known as the Bulgasal curse which is brought to life with dramatic and brutal action scenes from the far past and present.


Picking up from Episode 11, the next day, Hwal and Sang-Un were trying to figure out where Eul-Tae has gone. She is more anxious that Hwal may succumb to blood loss. Because they both now know that Eul-tae and Hwal are twins and that one cannot die while the other is alive.

Eul-Tae asks an almost-dead Hwal what he needs to do to become as strong as him 1000 years ago. Hwal, on the other hand, kills Eul-Tae by removing his heart and turning him into a Black Hole. 

Hwal and Sang-Un share a room in the present. Hwal asks her if she likes him over breakfast and gives her a list of reasons why he thinks she does. Sang-un agrees with his assessment, but Hwal is baffled as to why she would like him. 

In the same breath, he adds that he dislikes her, despite the fact that she is a nice person. Sang-un, who appears to be injured, claims that it’s because of his fury.

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She informs Hwal that she would prefer if he turned her into Bulgasal so that she could put an end to this once and for all and that she regrets what she did 600 years ago.

He refuses, claiming that after all this time as a monster, he has forgotten how to live as a human.

Sang-un approaches Si-Ho when they come home and asks for a favour. But Hye-seok asks Hwal to refrain from sacrificing himself for Sang-Un. 

In a fairly tragic turn of events, she refers to him as her only family, and she fears that if Hwal dies, she will be alone. She advises him to reconsider his decision and requests that he return his soul to Sang-Un so that they can deal with it together.

Anyway, Si-Ho goes back into Sang-Un’s past to discover out how they were all related 1000 years ago. Unfortunately, Hye-seok urges Si-Ho not to delve into Sang-Un’s past life.

Si-Ho overhears a catatonic Hye-Seok saying that they shouldn’t have crossed paths and that everything will be ruined again, as Hwal and Sang-Un leave.

Hwal breaks into Eul-Tae’s house and discovers the entire Bulgasal picture, which astounds him. When he removes the artwork, he discovers something even more surprising. 

Eul-Tae has been keeping track of all the murders for decades.

Unfortunately, Eul-Tae is still missing, so Hwal and Sang-un set out to find him in the mountains, assuming he won’t have enough energy to travel anyplace else.

Hwal gives Sang-Un a dagger and leaves her in the car to find Eul-Tae in the mountains. He finds a frail Eul-Tae after hearing his phone ring and begs him to tell him everything. 

Eul-Tae, on the other hand, vows to tell him everything if and only if Hwal murders Sang-Un. She informs him that, because of his one-sided love, he has always decided to save her, while she has always chosen to terminate him.

Eul-Tae, enraged by Hwal’s decision, vows to kill everyone the next time they meet. Then, Eul-Tae threatens him by telling him he doesn’t have much time. 

Sang-Un meets one of Eul-Tae’s men down the mountain, who subsequently reports to Eul-Tae that Sang-Un has suddenly become incredibly powerful and isn’t herself. 

Hwal arrives at Sang-Un traumatised, having been stabbed by Eul-Tae’s henchmen.

Hwal tends to Sang-Un at home, now with a gashing cut on her chest, and the two subsequently share what they know about their pasts. Both decide that it’s better if they don’t believe what Eul-Tae is telling them and instead judge the situation based on what they can see right now. 

However, as Hwal walks away and Sang-Un is left alone in the toilet, she notices that her wound is the same as her sister’s. The past rushes back to her as she touches the wound.

When Hwal hears the ruckus and approaches to assist her, she stabs him and asks shakily who he is.


  • This episode was quite exciting, and I was on the edge of my seat the entire time.
  • It was unexpected of Sang-un to reclaim her memories, so it was a pleasant surprise. 
  • A twist will be that 1000 years ago, Hwal assassinated Sang-entire un’s clan.
  • The romance in this show is undoubtedly one of the weakest elements and now, things are now starting to drag.

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