Better Call Saul season 6 episode 7 recap & review: Plan and Execution

In Better Call Saul season 6 episode 7, Jimmy and Kim execute their plan to take Howard down while Lalo Salamanca contemplates his next move. The series is currently streaming on Netflix.


The episode opens with Lalo Salamanca rising out of a sewer through a manhole. He takes a quick nap before heading back to the sewers from where he keeps an eye on the industrial laundry owned by Gus Fring.

Jimmy heads to grab Lenny to reshoot the scene to be utilised for the D-Day extravaganza. As the preparations to get Lenny to look like Judge Casimiro are underway, Kim joins the party. Jimmy’s cameraman takes photos of what looks like Judge Casimiro taking a bribe from Jimmy.

After getting the photos, Jimmy laces them with the drug that they collected from Caldera and hands the photographs to the private investigator hired by Howard indicating that he was in on Jimmy’s plan too.

The private investigator hands the photos to Howard just moments before the mediation meeting is about to begin. Howard tasks his investigator with finding out more about the guy seen in the photo with Jimmy.

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The mediation meeting begins with Judge Casimiro present. Jimmy and Kim lend an ear to the meeting through the access code they got using Francesca’s services. Howard suddenly recognises the face from the photograph and realises it was Judge Casimiro.

Howard interrupts Casimiro and decides to call off the meeting. Upon confusion rising in the room, he confronts Judge Casimiro for taking a bribe from Jimmy McGill.

He sends Julie to get the envelope containing the photos from his desk and when Julie brings it to him, he finds out that the photos have been swapped with ones with Jimmy seen passing a frisbee to a stranger.

In the meantime, the drug, which Jimmy laced the photographs with, has worked its magic on Howard leading to his eyes being diluted. Howard rushes to find out more about the matter.

The meeting disperses and Howard tries to convince Cliff how Jimmy played him all the way by swapping the number of the detective agency and making him hire a con man.

Cliff, however, forces Howard to accept the offer placed by the opposition. He also lets him know that if Howard denies it, he will be compelled to tell all the clients about what he witnessed in the last few weeks.

On the other side of Albuquerque, Lalo shoots a video for Don Eladio explaining everything he has found out about Gus Fring’s secret superlab. He further lays out his plan to enter the lab in the night and find further proof of Gus’ actions.

Moments later, he calls Hector Salamanca at Casa Tranquilo but realises quickly that Gus Fring has arranged for his conversations to be tapped. He talks to Hector and gives the impression that he hasn’t discovered anything about Gus Fring’s plans, along with indicating that he might attack Gus tonight.

This conversation leads to a commotion at the industrial laundry and Mike leaves the premises to reach Gus Fring, who was attending a charity interview.

Mike instructs Gus to cut the interview short and move to the safe house in a manner that looks as routine as possible. If he attacks, Lalo will be trapped since Mike’s men will be waiting for him.

At home, Jimmy and Kim are visited by Howard. Howard questions them about their motivation to go about an elaborate plan to take him down. He rants for a while and promises to bring the truth in front of everybody.

To Jimmy and Kim’s horror, the conversation is interrupted when Lalo Salamanca makes an appearance at their humble abode. Kim requests Howard to leave, but before Howard could gather what’s happening, he’s shot point-black by Lalo, sending Jimmy and Kim panicking.

As Jimmy and Kim stand shocked over Howard’s dead body, Lalo Salamanca hushes them and asks for a conversation with a devilish calm demeanour.


  • The mid-season finale episode leaves the season on a definite high with Jimmy and Kim sharing the same shock as the audience upon Howard’s unexpected demise, that too, at the hands of Lalo Salamanca.
  • The last meeting between Howard and the lead lawyer duo will definitely leave an impact on the way these characters will head forward. Kim will be faced with the direness of the consequences of choosing the devil’s path.
  • The first half of the season followed a slower tempo but the way things have culminated, there’s optimism for a pacier follow-up.
  • The episode has multiple highs where the long wait has been paid off with a satisfying conclusion as the two threads, that were being balanced for long, have finally intersected to create more chaos.
  • Howard will be missed but, at least, he receives a well-deserved send-off making it hard not to feel sorry for the character in his last moments.

Rating: 5/5

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