Behind Your Touch season 1 episode 8 recap & review

In Behind Your Touch episode 8, the town goes into frenzy after a shocking shamanic ceremony as Jang-Yeol and Ye-Bun investigate a missing person case.


Mr. Park’s seemingly possessed warning to the town folk at the shamanic ceremony scares everyone, causing a frenzy in the town. Some of town’s men discuss it at the Mujin coffee shop and share their fears.

Meanwhile, Ok-Hui continues to be confused about her newfound feelings for Da-Eun’s brother, while her crush on Jang-Yeol has disappeared altogether. Jang-Yeol continues to enlist Ye-Bun’s help in his investigation, despite her protests.

She, meanwhile, looks for opportunities to spend time with Seon-Woo. When he heads off for his new workshop on his bicycle, she hitches a ride. However, she’s pulled out of her good time by Jang-Yeol.

Elsewhere, Mr. Park becomes the center of attraction because of the ceremony and pulls out another prediction when he’s surrounded by overtly eager and scared town folk. He predicts that another shocking incident is imminent.

Surprisingly enough, Ae-Ran of the Mujin coffee shop is shown to be attacked by a man wearing a rain poncho. Another coffee shop worker approaches Jang-Yeol about it and asks for help, revealing how the disappeared girl is such a good human being.

Jang-Yeol and Ye-Bun begin investigating and they eventually reach the site where she was attacked. They find all sorts of evidence and also footage from a nearby camera.

When the DNA reports turns positive results, the consensus is that the serial killer has taken another life. Jang-Yeol thinks different, stating the possibility of the victim still being alive.

Ye-Bun is put to task and through her powers, Ae-Ran’s trajectory is traced back to Gwang-Sik. When he lies about not seeing Ae-Ran, Ye-Bun spots it and later tells the same to Jang-Yeol, with whom she starts following Gwang-Sik soon enough.

They follow him and eventually split up, causing Ye-Bun to continue trailing him alone, until she reaches a warehouse. There, she is confronted by Gwang-Sik, who says he couldn’t say the truth because he would’ve become a suspect.

While Ye-Bun engages him in a ‘touchy’ stand-off, Jang-Yeol arrives and asks Ae-Ran to come out. The truth emerges and it’s revealed that Ae-Ran and Gwang-Sik staged the attack to help her with the debts that her boss wouldn’t let her overcome.

Jang-Yeol has to do the due diligence as always but before Gwang-Sik sits in the car to go to the police station, he informs Ye-Bun that he just saw in her memory, a third person who was also there with them when the meteor shower occured and they got their powers.

As Ye-Bun registers the shock of learning that there’s a third psychic in town, Behind Your Touch episode 8 concludes.


  • Behind Your Touch continues to build a solid mystery as all suspects roam around the town while the real murderer, who can be anyone of them, continues to lurk outside the CCTV scopes and carry out his killings.
  • It’s commendable that a show that can be as silly as this — silliness being one of its great strengths — can also be such a great whodunit mystery.
  • The little moments of chemistry between Jang-Yeol and Ye-Bun are delightful and leave one yearning for more of their dynamic.
  • Another great thing to note is that their romance takes time to develop at a much more organic and natural pace, unlike what happens with so many other romcoms.
  • Speaking of chemistry and romance, one of the better romances in Behind Your Touch — that of Jong-Muk and Hyeon-Ok — is also really heartwarming and adorable to watch.
Behind Your Touch season 1 episode 8
Behind Your Touch season 1 episode 8 recap & review 1

Director: Kim Seok-Yoon, Choi Bo-Yoon

Date Created: 2023-09-03 20:30

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