Jeon Gwang-Sik: Behind Your Touch character explained

Jeon Gwang-Sik is one of the supporting characters in the rom-com mystery, Behind Your Touch. The character is played by Park No-Sik.

Behind Your Touch revolves around Bong Ye-Bun, a veterinary doctor in her thirties trying to make a living in a small town called Mujin. Her life flips upside down when she’s hit by a meteor and granted supernatural powers.

When she is hit with said celestial object and blessed with said powers, she is in the company of a fellow human being, Jeon Gwang-Sik, the man whose cows she regularly keeps a check on and goes to look whenever there’s a house call.

A distinguished companion

Jeon Gwang-Sik was present alongside Ye-Bun when a meteor struck them and gave them the power to see into pet animals’ memories when they touch their butts.

At first, Ye-Bun thinks it’s only her who got cursed with these powers but later realizes that it’s not the case. She meets Gwang-Sik later on and he confides in her that he’s got the same powers too.

Jeon Gwang-Sik Bong Ye-Bun Behind Your Touch
Image source: Netflix

He also reveals to her that his powers work on humans too and that he can activate them by touching limbs instead of only butts. Ye-Bun is surprised to find out all of this but not as much as she’s to discover that over usage can lead to hairfall.

Jeon Gwang-Sik’s trade-offs

Gwang-Sik wears a cap that he removes for a moment to show Ye-Bun what will become of her head of hair if she continues to use the powers. He has a bald patch that he claims exists because he used the powers.

Ye-Bun starts noticing the hairfall too and gets too scared to use her powers until she eventually has to resume again. However, Jeon Gwang-Sik seems to be taking these trade-offs nicely.

Later on, in episode 6, he and Ye-Bun meet again and he implores her to not let these powers go to waste. He tells her the advantage these powers lend when one uses them for their dating life.

Gwang-Sik has been using these powers to learn about the pasts of many women who he dates and all of whom fall for him after seeing just how many things he knows about them, mistaking his supernatural ability for some romantic soulmate wisdom.

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