Behind Your Touch season 1 episode 3 recap & review

In episode 3 of Behind Your Touch, after getting brushed off by Jang-Yeol again, Ye-Bun carries on a dangerous investigation alone.


Ye-Bun tries to convince Jang-Yeol that her psychic vision of Jong-Hyeok kidnapping a girl streamer is real but he can’t believe her and brushes her off like usual.

Ye-Bun then begins investigating on her own and after meeting an old friend from school days, she learns that Jong-Hyeok lives nearby. She goes to his house and he arrives shortly as well.

At a cafe that Ok-Hui’s boyfriend runs, he asks why she was at his house and she says she wanted to surprise him. Later on, she tries to get something about the insides of the house but fails to do so with whatever cats she can find.

Meanwhile, Ok-Hui takes her to meet her boyfriend, the same person who owns that restaurant before. Ye-Bun realizes who the person is and as she touched their butt before, she tells Ok-Hui that her boyfriend is cheating on her.

Her vision has the boyfriend seeing some woman in a garter belt. Ok-Hui warns her that their friendship will be over if she is wrong. She puts her local spies to work and nothing indicating her boyfriend’s promiscuity comes up.

Their friendship is about to be over before Ok-Hui tries once again to find out, this time herself. She finds that Ye-Bun was right since her boyfriend was the woman she saw in her vision.

As it happens, her boyfriend identifies as a woman but never made it known to her. She’s hurt but also empathetic to them, as she ends the relationship but decides to remain friends.

Meanwhile, Ye-Bun touches a cat’s butt to see Jong-Hyeok’s password to the main door. She sneaks inside his house and finds the chair she saw in her vision, atop which sat the victim, tied up and screaming. However, the girl herself is nowhere to be found.

Jong-Hyeok arrives and Ye-Bun has to escape from the bathroom window. Jang-Yeol spots her with a windowsill around her and helps her escape it.

Kim Seon-Woo comes to an agreement with Park Jong-Bae; he’ll teach the shaman English and the latter would give him a place to rent, both would charge nothing.

Ye-Bun goes to the place that the streamer originally streamed from and runs into Jong-Hyeok. He doesn’t bother with the facade anymore and reveals his surprise and anger at her finding out about him and his victim.

As he begins strangling Ye-Bun, she’s saved by Moon Jang-Yeol who arrives at the last minute. He incapacitates Jong-Hyeok and then saves the victim from getting hanged to death.

He has to give up on the Ted Chang lead but ends up saving Ye-Bun, believing her words when she previously asked him to do so and called him about her.

She asks him if he finally believes her about the psychometry and he takes her to eat food, as Behind Your Touch episode 3 rolls the credits.


  • Behind Your Touch episode 3 concludes the psycho killer Jong-Hyeok storyline and considering it was finished so early, there has to be a grander big bad that looms larger and larger in the background.
  • Park Jong-Bae continues to be the best comedic presence in the show and it’s a given that his expressions would get a chuckle or two out of one, even if the script isn’t really all that hilarious.
  • Kim Seon-Woo comes closer to Ye-Bun but is it really a start of an adorable romance or does the porcelain man hold some demons inside him, ready to surface and stir up things in and around Ye-Bun?
Behind Your Touch season 1 episode 3
Behind Your Touch season 1 episode 3 recap & review 1

Director: Kim Suk-Yoon

Date Created: 2023-08-19 20:30

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