Bad Sisters season 1 episode 10 recap & review: Saving Grace

Bad Sisters season 1 episode 10 sees Grace reiterating the events that transpired to JP’s death while Matt investigates the cabin where he died. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


Initially, Grace had told her sisters that JP got angry during her birthday dinner and left for the pub to watch the match that night.

The next time she saw him, she found him dead on his quad bike, as his muffler got stuck in one of the bike’s wheels. This resulted in him choking to death.

The sisters did celebrate the death of JP and looked at it as a blessing. After all their failed attempts, JP died on his own, and this time around, the sisters had nothing to do with it.

In the present, Matt, who was avoiding Becka, mustered up the courage to ask her if she was at the same bar JP was at the night he died.

A barmaid had told Matt about her, and Becka clarified that the barmaid got it wrong. She further asked him about the post-mortem reports and if he got those wrong as well.

As Matt closes in, the sisters try to figure out who actually killed JP, because now the blame is falling on them. They wonder if it’s Ben, as he had threatened JP before.

Ursula pays Ben a visit, and he explains that he won’t do something like that for her, especially with the fact that Ursula won’t do something as simple as move in with him.

He ended things with Ursula as she went back home to Donal.

Matt, on his side, met Roger and found out that JP was far more sinister than he thought. He also discovered that even Roger was there near the cabin the night JP died.

Matt tried to talk to Grace as well, but failed to get any answers, and later visited the cabin to find some clues.

Grace finally confronted the sisters as she had noticed that they go quiet whenever she enters the room. The sisters come clean that they were trying to kill JP.

With that, Grace also confesses the truth about JP’s death. The night he died, they tried to get intimate with each other, but it didn’t go well.

As always, JP blamed everything on Grace, who was full of his nonsense. JP tells Grace that Eva is the reason they are not able to get intimate, as she had seduced him years ago.

Eva later blamed him for the miscarriage, and he clarified that it was her drinking habits. Grace didn’t buy this lie and saw through it. She figured out that JP had forced himself on Eva.

The couple got into a fight. Grace saw an opening and choked JP to death using the bedsheet. She later made it look like JP died on his quad bike.

Back in present, the sisters console Eva who bursts into tears.

Meanwhile, Matt discovers a blank DVD case at the cabin. He finds the DVD inside the video player and the movie he saw featured a death, which was quite similar to the way JP died.

Matt came to the conclusion that Grace must’ve killed JP and staged all of this. He called Becka and asked her to meet.

Becka had a plan in her mind. She took JP’s death upon herself, but Matt knew it wasn’t her. As he left, she tried to kill herself using the drug Ursula had bought.

The sisters had realized what Becka was up to and came to rescue her in time. Eva believed they will figure out another way to prove that JP was an abuser and he deserved what he got.

Matt overheard their conversation and offered a deal. He later met his brother, Thomas, who is now a father. Thomas’ wife as well as his child survived.

Matt greets him with the good news that Grace has withdrawn her claim for the money. Matt avoided telling Thomas how he pulled this off, as he wanted to keep this a secret, much like how Thomas did when it came to his business.

It seems like the deal between Matt and the sisters sees him keeping his mouth shut on JP’s death if Grace withdraws the claim.

Grace moves out of her old house and Blanaid starts growing up. Before leaving, Grace meets Roger and thanks him. Roger was there near the cabin the night JP died and had helped Grace to stage JP’s death.


  • Though all the efforts the sisters had put into killing JP were a waste, it was a thrilling ride, and knowing all the characters was all worth it.
  • The finale gives a satisfying conclusion with each and every character getting their due.
  • The show or the finale doesn’t feel like it has been dragged at all.
  • JP’s death is something that might’ve brought the viewers together and the show staged it very well, keeping the mystery intact till the very end.
Bad Sisters season 1 episode 10
Bad Sisters season 1 episode 10 recap & review: Saving Grace 1

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