Who is George? Bad Sisters character explained

The recent episode of Bad Sisters brought a new mystery to the table as Becka discovered a dead body in John Paul’s basement.

The sisters recently came close to achieving their goal of killing John Paul. A drugged JP almost drowned himself in the waters, until Gabriel, who was around the premises, jumped in to save him.

From this point on, JP started suspecting that someone is plotting to kill him. Although the sisters are trying to be more careful, it seems like they still don’t know much about him and how far he can go.

Becka recently got a glimpse of it when she entered JP’s basement, where she discovered a dark secret JP has been hiding all along.

Becka discovers George’s dead body

During a meeting with Minna, Becka found out from her that JP has been spending a lot of time in the basement. A place he initially hated going to.

Who is George? Bad Sisters character explained 1
Becka walks into JP’s basement

Becka’s curiosity saw her walking down there to see what looked like a taxidermist’s workplace. There she comes across a freezer and eventually finds a key to it.

She inspects the room and eventually finds the decomposed body of a person she recognizes as George.

How did Becka recognize George?

George is Minna’s husband, as in JP’s father, who Minna believes will come back someday. The same can’t be said about JP though, as he clearly stated in an episode that he is sure that his father isn’t coming back.

According to him, Minna’s belief is part of her Alzheimer’s.

Minna and Becka spent a lot of time together, and the former told her a lot about her love life, her husband, and JP’s childhood.

Who is George? Bad Sisters character explained 2
The picture of Minna and George

During one of these meetings, she showed her some old pictures that included George as well, and that’s how Becka may have recognized his body.

George’s body opens up a whole new mystery for the sisters. All the suspicion points towards JP. He might have covered up his father’s death. As per Minna, he is the one down there all the time.

The sisters, on the other hand, are targeting a man who is probably far more than an abusive husband. If not him, even Minna herself may have a hand in it, if her Alzhermiers are kept aside.

The next episode of Bad Sisters may dive deep into George’s story and how he ended up in that freezer.

Furthermore, the sisters may also find out what they are up against. For now, they have one more reason to kill JP and throw him out of their lives.

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