Acapulco season 2 episode 6 recap & review: Hollywood Nights

In episode 6 of Acapulco, a big party is being held at Las Colinas and Maximo is faced with a tough decision that could ruin his career. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


A young mid-western woman waits for her turn at a Hollywood agents office but the agent tells her that she’s too plain and blends in too easily with the background. The woman reinvents herself completely and comes back to become Diane Davies, the television superstar.

Maximo tells Hugo this story because he’s connecting Diane’s past with his own and how he was faced with a similar decision in life. Las Colinas was hosting a Hollywood wrap party and Diane wants to make a good impression.

The producer of the film is the same one who fired Diane from a film way back when they found out that she was pregnant out of wedlock. Don Pablo tells Maximo that he’ll be Diane’s assistant for the event, getting him closer to being indispensable to her.

Memo gets the simple job of serving appetizers while Hector has the duty being a chauffeur to Bud McKinley, one of the stars of the movie. Hector convinces Memo to exchange jobs with him but something feels off about the deal.

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Maximo is worried because he was approached by Fabian who pressures him to gets some scoops from the Hollywood party or else Fabian will send pictures of him talking to Maximo directly to Diane which would get him fired.

Don Pablo has been asking for some time off but Diane keeps rejecting it because she needs his help at the resort. She gets ready for the party and to face all the people that abandoned her all those years ago.

After being fired for being pregnant without a husband, Diane switches to television soap operas and becomes one biggest stars on the small screen, but she can never break into movies again because the tabloids are still focused on who Chad’s father is.

Memo learns that Bud McKinley is actually a dog and his job is to walk him around and clean up after him but the dog walks all the way to the VIP area and Memo gets all the attention of a star.

Chad feels like he recognizes the star of the film but he can’t put his finger on it. Diane meets with the producer and he tells her that he would like to cast her in his next movie as a simple mid-western woman who blends into the background.

Diane brings out some pictures from her past to get into character and Maximo finds a picture of Chad and his father. He plans to hand that to Fabian but can’t find the courage to do so. He goes to Don Pablo for help but Don Pablo doesn’t give him any advice.

As Maximo is deciding on what to do, he witnesses an interaction between Chad and the star he vaguely recognized. Maximo realizes that the actress has been lying about her age so he gets proof of that and gives it to Fabian instead.

Don Pablo tells Diane that Fabian is about to reveal the truth about the actress so Diane goes up to Fabian and stops him revealing Fabian gives Maximo a little more time to repay him.

Diane then goes back to the producer and tells him that she doesn’t want to go back to Hollywood because she’s established a life for herself in Acapulco where she’s truly wanted.

She later tells Maximo that they have to figure who leaked the news to Fabian and right then, Don Pablo walks in and hands in his resignation because he wants to focus on his family.

In the present, Maximo is wrestling with the feelings of meeting someone from his past, and whether he should be like Diane and forget his past or be like Don Pablo and hold onto it.

He needs advice on the matter so he takes Hugo along to visit Memo, who welcomes him with a big hug.


  • The episode looks into Diane’s past and explores her journey while still maintaining the mystery of Chad’s father. However, it is a weak offering in the series overall.
  • Don Pablo leaving his job is a monumental moment and it will be interesting to see how the rest of the hotel reacts to this development. Maximo also meets Memo in the present which means there will be more of a focus there as well.
  • The story is heating up with regard to Maximo’s past but there seem to be multiple sub-plots that need attention with the final few episodes approaching. The narrative needs to balance out a little more so that stories get a chance to shine.
Acapulco season 1 episode 6
Acapulco season 2 episode 6 recap & review: Hollywood Nights 1

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