ZEE5 denies data breach claims linked with customer data

ZEE5 has denied all reports of its customer base’s data being leaked. The claim made by a hacker named ‘John Wick’ is currently being investigated.

As per a report by Quickcyber, the hacker has claimed to gaining access of over 150GB of user data and the source code of the website.

Quickcyber also stated that the hacker knows “private details of the subscribers including their recent transactions, passwords, emails, mobile numbers, messages, etc.”

Image Source: ZEE5

The hacker who is reportedly from a Korean hacking group has accessed the data sometime around end of February or March and is now threatening to sell it all on in an open public domain.

Commenting on the allegations, Tushar Vohra, Head Technology at ZEE5 said:

We are investigating it further. We are also cognizant of the fact that the OTT sector has exploded in the past few years, so has hackers’ interest in it. Especially post COVID-19 outbreak, data hacks have been on a steady rise. It is a shallow attempt to gain vested interests,

At a time when most productions are on a halt or a slow restart, ZEE5 has managed to cater to its audiences needs with new releases like Chintu Ka Birthday, REJCTX2 and Ghoomketu.

Likewise, the streaming giant has upcoming projects in the pipeline like a lockdown special of their original Never Kiss Your Best Friend. Lately, the platform has also created Phir Se Hoga Savera to incite positivity, hope and encourage Young India in the current situation.

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