It’s Neverrr Too Late: Huma Qureshi’s quarantine series on mental well-being

The whole world is facing the brunt of this deadly virus with mental & financial stress taking a toll. However, Huma Qureshi has come up with a new method to deal with these common stressors affecting us all.

Her way is talking it out and therefore the Gangs of Wasseypur actress is now releasing her new quarantine show on YouTube. She will discuss various aspects of dealing with mental issues and took to Instagram to share it with fans.

In her post, she said:

“This lockdown has been hard for all of us and normally, we all like to bottle up our anxieties and fears. I’m making an attempt to talk about our mental well-being. Come on this journey of self-love, healing, and dealing with our anxieties with me … Let’s bring mental health conversations out of the closet.”

The gripping trailer highlights all moods that every one of us has experienced during this lockdown.

It’s Neverrr Too Late will see Qureshi addressing fans on reasons behind mental stress and discussing strategies to tackle the same with experts with valid experience.

Sonakshi Sinha, was all praises about the It’s Neverrr Too Late initiative.

Check out the trailer here:

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