Welcome to Earth on Disney+ Hotstar: Cast and trailer

Disney+ Hotstar revealed the official trailer for the adventure docu-series titled ‘Welcome to Earth’. The six-part original series features actor Will Smith and is set to released in December, 2021.

Release Date

The official release for the series has not been revealed yet.

Cast and creators

Along with Will Smith are several exemplary National Geographic Explorers like:

  • Diva Amon
  • Dwayne Fields
  • Albert Lin
  • Cristina Mittermeier
  • Erik Weihenmayer

Produced by: Darren Aronofsky (Protozoa Pictures), Jane Root (Nutopia), Westbrook Studios


According to the longline for ‘Welcome to Earth’:

“Will Smith, probably the world’s most charismatic movie star, embarks on an awe-inspiring global journey to unlock the secrets of the most extraordinary and unexplained phenomena of nature.”


Will Smith travels to the ends of the Earth and beyond with the help of experienced guides to provide the audience with some stunning visuals and experiences.

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