‘Wednesday’ could reportedly move from Netflix to Prime Video

One of Netflix’s biggest hits of all time, The Addams Family spin-off ‘Wednesday, could be moving from the platform to Amazon Prime Video.

The show currently holds the record for raking in the second-highest watch hours in the first 28 days, only behind Stranger Things season 4, and even broke the latter’s weekly record.

However, there is still no confirmation for season 2. As per reports, the reason could be the merger between MGM and Amazon in 2022.

Since MGM owns The Addams Family, the merger could pose complications for Netflix in keeping hold of one of its most significant assets.

There is still the possibility of the two streamers striking a deal and the title remaining on Netflix, but the competition between the two does make it tricky.

‘Wednesday’ also finished 2022 in the top position of the weekly top 10 list by Netflix, completing its sixth week at the summit.

Season 1 was based on Wednesday’s move to the Nevermore Academy, where she uncovered a grand plan to resurrect her ancestor’s sworn nemesis. While she overcame adversity, the ending of the first season left a lot to explore for a possible second instalment.

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