Wanna: Release date, cast, synopsis, teaser, trailer & more

Wanna is a true crime documentary about two Italian women- Wanna Marchi and her daughter, Stefania Nobile, who turned away from a life of telemarketing to become notorious con artists. 

Release date

Wanna will be released on Netflix on September 21.

Cast and creators

  • Wanna Marchi
  • Stefania Nobile

Produced by Fremantle Italy

Created by Alessandro Garamone


“Queen of teleshopping, scammer, mother, wife, who’s Wanna Marchi? The story of the most intriguing and talked-about woman of the ‘90s, from her shouts ‘Gentaglia!’ and ‘D’accordo?!’ to the trial with her daughter Stefania Nobile.”

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Other details

The show is also called ‘Fortune Teller: A TV Scam’ on the platform and will have four parts, or episodes, chronicling the life and times of the ‘Queen of Telemarketing’ turned scammer.


The short clip shows interviews of Marchi and Nobile, amongst others who knew of their story.

Wanna Marchi’s rise to fame and her subsequent fall and jail time are hinted at, and this raises expectations for an intriguing insight into her world of scamming and true crime.


The early 80s gave rise to teleshopping and presenters, Wanna being amongst them, attempting to reach the number one spot. Her quest for success was so great that she even began selling luck, leading to her eventual arrest for fraud and extortion.

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