‘Unsolved Mysteries’ volume 2 promises chilling new true-crime stories

Netflix’s latest true-crime docuseries, Unsolved Mysteries will be returning with a second volume this month. The streamer released an official clip on Friday that remains true to the spine-chilling vibe afforded by the first season. The second season drops on October 19.

A reboot of the 1987 series of the same name, Unsolved Mysteries tackles inexplicable real-life cases that remain unsolved till date. Ranging from unexplained disappearances, shocking murders to paranormal encounters, the docuseries has a little bit for everyone.

The first season came out earlier this year in July, with six episodes that immediately garnered a strong fan-base. Since then a second season has been highly anticipated. Following the same format as Season 1, Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2 will focus on six new cases titled: Tsunami Spirits, Stolen Kids, Lady in the Lake, Washington Insider Murder, A Death in Oslo & Death Row Fugitive.

The official clip released by Netflix features a snippet from “Death in Oslo”. It begins with the mysterious death of a woman, who is found deceased in a hotel room in Norway. “In all of the documents, it says it is 99.9% sure it is suicide. But when the investigators went through the room, they couldn’t find any identity.” a man says in the video.

As per Netflix’s summary of the episode: “When a woman was found dead in a luxury hotel room in Oslo, Norway, it appeared to be a suicide. However, several pieces didn’t add up: she had no identification, her briefcase contained 25 rounds of ammunition and no one reported her missing. Who was this woman, and could she have been part of a secret intelligence operation?”

The clip ends on a spooky note with a lot left to be unveiled. Oddly enough, there was one surprising detail that they did find. To dive further into the case, check out the official clip for Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2 below:

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