Twenty Five Twenty One: Release date, cast and trailer

‘Twenty Five Twenty One’ is an upcoming romantic Korean web series revolving around a teen fencer, Na Hee Do, and a hardworking Baek Yi Jin, who struggle to achieve their dreams and fall for each other on the way.

Release date

‘Twenty Five Twenty One’ is set to release on February 12, 2022, on Netflix.

Cast and creators

  • Kim Tae Ri
  • Naam Joo Hyuk
  • Choi Hyun Wook
  • Bona
  • Kim Hye Eun
  • Lee Joo Myung
  • Kim Young Sun
  • Seo Jae Hee

Written by: Kwon Do Eun

Directed by: Jung Ji Hyun


“After the lives and dreams of two youngsters get destroyed in the financial crisis of 1997, they set out to rebuild their lives and achieve their dreams. Will they succeed?”

Other details

‘Twenty Five Twenty One’ will have 16 episodes in total, airing 2 episodes per week (On Saturday and Sunday), over a span of 8 weeks. The series finale will be aired on 3rd April, 2022.


Na Hee Do is an aspiring fencer and a part of her school’s fencing team. Her dreams come crashing down when the fencing club of her school is shut down due to the financial crisis of 1997. She decides to not let go of her dreams and starts looking for new ways to achieve them. She meets Baek Yi Jin on the way and thus starts the story of friendship, love and fulfilling aspirations.

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