Love is Colorblind: Release date, cast and trailer

‘Love is Colorblind’ is a Filipino romantic comedy film revolving around two best friends Ino and Cara, who have been with each other through thick and thin. Will their friendship stay the same or will it take the form of love?

Release date

‘Love is Colorblind’ will be available for streaming on Netflix from March 1.

Cast and creators

  • Donny Pangilinan
  • Belle Mariano
  • Jeremiah Lisbo
  • Angelina Cruz
  • Mika Pajares
  • Amanda Zamora
  • Esnyr Ranollo
  • Ryan Bang
  • Ariel Rivera
  • Eula Valdez
  • John Lapus

Written by: Kristine Gabriel, Tammy Bejerano and Simon Arciaga

Directed by: John Leo Garcia


“Ino, a young artist becomes colorblind after meeting an accident leading to his life taking a sad turn. His best friend Cara, who is in love with him, decides to help him through this and fill his life with happiness again with the power of love. Things become complicated with the entry of Iris and Sky in their respective love lives.”

Other details

‘Love is Colorblind’ was originally released in December, 2021, in the Philippines and became the highest-grossing film of 2021. It will be available for streaming on Netflix from March 1, 2022.


Ino and Cara have been best friends since school. However, for Cara, Ino is much more than just a best friend. After Ino meets an unfortunate accident and loses his ability to see colors, his life takes a sad turn. Cara decides to bring happiness back to Ino’s life with the power of love, but her plans are stumped when Iris enters Ino’s life and Sky confesses his feelings for Cara. 

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