The People We Hate at the Wedding: Release date, cast, synopsis, trailer & more

As family tensions grow in face of a big wedding, Alice and Paul are bound to mix things up at their half-sister’s wedding.

Release date

The People We Hate At The Wedding will release on 18th November 2022 only on Prime Video.

Cast and creators

  • Allison Janney as Donna
  • Kristen Bell as Alice
  • John Macmillan as Ollie
  • Ben Platt as Paul

Directed by Claire Scanlon


“Alice and Paul alongside their mother Donna are invited to attend their half-sister Eloise’s wedding in England. However, due to changes in cultures, upbringing and lifestyle, the movie adds a comic knack around instances that clearly distinguish them. As the trio tries to figure out ways to adjust to the crowd, they end up becoming ‘the people everyone hates at the wedding’.”

Other Details

The film is inspired by a novel of the same name written by Grant Ginder and published in 2016.


The trailer introduces us to the mother and half-sibling trio who are set to go to London to attend their poised daughter’s and sister’s wedding respectively. As awkward situations arise, Eloise tries to do her best to keep the family drama intact and not brimming until the wedding. However, she fails.

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