The Map Of Tiny Perfect Things on Amazon Prime Video: Love story with a fantastical twist

Amazon Prime Video released the trailer for its upcoming fantasy movie, set in contemporary times titled, ‘The Map Of Tiny Perfect Things’. It will release on February 12.

‘The Map Of Tiny perfect Things’ is the story of two teenagers, Mark and Margaret, stuck in an endless time loop experiencing the same day again and again. The movie stars Kathryn Newton and Kyle Allen in the lead.

Both of them develop a unique bond where they embark on a journey to find perfect tiny things to make their one day remarkable. 

The trailer showcases Mark as a witty teenager, at one point in the trailer Mark says, “Most of life is just junk, and then there are these moments when all the randomness turns into something perfect.”

The trailer, initially, gives the impression that Mark is uncertain about his goals in life while Margaret is set on becoming an Aerospace Engineer. As the trailer progresses we find Margaret not wanting to leave this never-ending loop, but Mark is determined to get out- to live a real-life in real-time. 

Check out the trailer for ‘The Map Of Tiny Perfect things’ here:

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