Foundation: New sci-fi series coming to Apple TV+

Apple TV+ has released the official teaser for its sci-fi series ‘Foundation’. The first look of the space thriller was released by the streaming giant on its official YouTube channel. 

Written by Isaac Asimov, the Foundation book-series is a collection of seven novels. These novels have served as an enormous influence on other works of science-fiction, like Star Wars.

The plot revolves around a mathematician, Hari Seldon, who uses sociological mathematics and psychohistory to predict the future of space empires – their rise, their rule and their fall. 

Set in a falling, futuristic galactic empire, the series will embark on the journey of a band of exiles in saving humanity and rebuilding civilisations amid space rubble and chaos. 

Jared Harris, Emmy-nominee and SAG award winner stars in the series as Hari Seldon. Lee Pace as Brother Day; Lou Llobell as Gaal; Leah Harvey as Salvor; Laura Birn as Demerzel; Terrence Mann as Brother Dusk; and Cassian Bilton as Brother Dawn are other important names that feature in the series. Produced by Skydance Television, Foundation is slated for release in 2021.

‘Foundation’ might further strengthen Apple’s position in the highly-competitive streaming service industry. With originals like Here We Are, Mythic Quest and Greyhound, it has already made a dent in the digital streaming space.

Check out the first look of Foundation here:

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