Strong Black Legends: Netflix’s podcast features Elise Neal

The latest episode of Netflix’s podcast Strong Black Legends has been released with Elise Neal as the guest.

The show is hosted by Tracy Clayton who is well known for her podcast with Buzzfeed named Another Round.

As per Netflix’s official description for Strong Black Legends, this is what the latest episode includes:

Tracy sits down with the always working, Elise Neal! They get into everything from her breakout role as Yvonne in T.V. sitcom, The Hughley’s, and why the show was so important, and we chat about the funniest moments on set for the Oscar winning film, Hustle & Flow.

Neal is known for her work in films like Hustle and Flow and Logan.

The season one of Strong Black Legends released on February 12 last year and has been following the journey of African-Americans in Hollywood and the impact they have created.

The guest list for the season also includes Stepmom’s Lynn Whitfield, Friday‘s John Witherspoon, Black Panther‘s Ruth E. Carter, and Saturday Night Live‘s first black actor Garrett Morris.

You can catch the latest episode of Strong Black Legends here:

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