“The story started off normally but then suddenly shifted gears”: Alia Bhatt on why she worked on ‘Darlings’

Alia Bhatt spoke at an event to promote her upcoming dark comedy film ‘Darlings’ recently with Netflix releasing the trailer as well.

Alia Bhatt plays the lead role in ‘Darlings’ and also serves as a creative producer in her debut on streaming platforms. The film is set to release on 5 August.

When asked about why she agreed to work on ‘Darlings’, Bhatt had this to say: “They came to me with Darlings and when the narration started I didn’t know what the film was about. It started like a normal story and then suddenly it shifted gears and I was on the edge of my seat.  It really surprised me so I told them that we have to do this.”

Upon becoming a producer for the film as well, she added: “And then very naturally I realized I wanted to be a producer on this as well and Gaurav was extremely supportive about it. Shahrukh called me and said that we’re going to have a lot of fun working on this film.”

Speaking on the kind of film ‘Darlings’ is, Bhatt stated: “Darlings fits perfectly on a platform like Netflix. It’s an intimate watch. It’s not the kind of film I need to see on the big screen, I can see it in the comfort of my home, I can see it alone, I can see it with other people, I can watch it on my way to work.”

Darlings is produced by Gauri Khan’s Red Chillies Entertainment & Bhatt’s Eternal Sunshine Productions. Speaking about working with Red Chillies Entertainment and Gaurav Verma, Red Chillies Entertainment COO, Bhat said: “I’m so grateful for working with them, I didn’t have to worry about a thing. They just told me to have fun and that things would be great.”

“They held my hand through the technical aspects of being a producer. They managed things so beautifully so that I could focus as an actor and I have learned so much in this process.”

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