Sony Films and Netflix strike deal for streaming rights of upcoming movies

Streaming giant Netflix has agreed to a ground-breaking deal with Sony films. The deal was announced on Thursday.

The deal includes the rights of movies such as Morbius, Uncharted, and Bullet Train among others. The deal will begin with the studio’s 2022 slate. The streaming giant has been able to grab the rights after winning a nearly two-year long auction.

After their theatrical and home entertainment releases, all movies released by Sony Pictures will stream exclusively on Netflix.

Movies such as Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, future Venom and other Spider-Man films will also be available for Netflix to stream on its platform. Among the other titles that Netflix will have access to from Sony’s movie vault, franchises such as Jumanji and the Bad Boys are also a part of the deal.

Netflix has also committed to make a number of films with Sony which will directly premiere on the platform.

Monetary details of the deal haven’t been disclosed by the two parties.

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