Slow Horses: Release date, cast and trailer

‘Slow Horses’ is a spy thriller series that follows MI5’s misfits on a mission to make amends.

Release date

‘Slow Horses’ is set to premiere on April 1 on Apple TV+.

Cast and creators

  • Gary Oldman
  • Jack Lowden
  • Olivia Cooke
  • Rosalind Eleazar
  • Kristin Scott Thomas

Directed by: James Hawes.

Written by: Mick Herron and Will Smith.


“Slow Horses is a darkly humorous espionage drama that follows a dysfunctional team of British intelligence agents who serve in a dumping ground department of MI5 known un-affectionately as Slough House. Oldman stars as Jackson Lamb, the brilliant but irascible leader of the spies, who end up in Slough House due to their career-ending mistakes as they frequently find themselves blundering around the smoke and mirrors of the espionage world.”

Other details

‘Slow Horses’ is a See-Saw Films production.


MI5 deposits everyone they deem unsuitable to Slough House, a spy department. Jackson Lamb, the grumpy Slough House head, addresses the newcomers by emphasizing how they are failures and that working with them is the lowest point of his dreadful career. Former spies are forced to spend their days doing paperwork and watching time slowly slip through their fingers at Slough House, which is usually where careers finish.

When the department discovers a lead in a hostage scenario, however, they receive another chance to prove their value. Lamb, on the other hand, isn’t keen on undertaking genuine spy work. Even so, he’s drawn into the situation by the pariahs of Slough House, who uncover unlawful operations involving MI5 personnel.

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