Shukriya Aapka: An EBC Originals initiative to tackle the pandemic

EBC Originals took to Instagram and YouTube to announce their new initiative Shukriya Aapka.

The move is an effort to appreciate the millions of doctors, nurses, policemen, medical workers and BMC workers who are risking their lives to ensure the safety of those at home.

According to the platform,

It’s the time to appreciate them Shukriya Aapka is our sincere effort to contribute a smile to their face, a relief from the mental trauma they face every day. 130+ Million migrants who aren’t lucky like us are left outside without work, food or a roof – Let’s help with whatever we could! Let us be HUMAN again! For the love of Humanity, we dedicate our cause – we hope you will help us reach out to millions by sharing this video.

Through the initiative, EBC will also attempt to raise funds for the migrants, poor and the hungry.

The platform has provided links to several NGOs including Milaaap by Muse Foundation and Roti Ghar by Khushiyaan Foundation and urged the viewers to donate to help those in need.

The video features popular faces including Yuzvendra Chahal, Stebin Ben, Sparsh Shah, Yuvraj Walmiki, Karan Mehra, Bhumika Gurung, Taher Shabbir, Shruthi Prakash, Sahil Anand, Anshul Trivedi and Nidhi Narwal.

Jomin Varghese is the creative force behind Shukriya Aapka while the words are penned by Rakesh Tiwari.

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