Coronavirus, Explained: New Netflix documentary on the pandemic

Netflix in association with VOX is coming up with a new documentary titled, Coronavirus, Explained. Aimed at shedding light on the ongoing pandemic, the documentary will feature many experts working on prevention of infectious diseases including Bill Gates.

According to the official log line:

In 2020, the world changed. This topical series examines the coronavirus pandemic, the efforts to combat it and ways to manage its mental health toll.

The recently released trailer features comments from Gates and other experts on the virus. It is mentioned that the reason this virus is so dangerous and devious is because it shares symptoms which may be confused with other, not so dangerous, diseases.

A voice over puts forth the obvious questions, “Of all the viruses out there, why did this one end up becoming the kind of pandemic we haven’t seen in more than a century? and how does a pandemic like this end?”

An addition to VOX’s Explained series, this episode also reveals that the experts foresaw a pandemic like this was on the horizon for humanity. The trailer includes footage from a previous episode from 2019 called, The Next Pandemic which highlighted the inevitable spread of a major disease.

The 2019 episode also mentioned that according to a simulation, a pandemic could kill 33 million people in just six months. In comparison to that number, the Covid-19 deaths are fairly low. However, that number is still rising daily and sits somewhere over 165,000.

Coronavirus, Explained will premiere on Netflix on April 26.

Watch the trailer here:

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