Samantar (MX Player): Looking for a (no)man

MX Player released the trailer for its upcoming web series, Samantar.

It shows a common man, Kumar Mahajan, who is defeated at every step by his circumstances in life. He fails to satisfy his family due to financial problems and his professional life is a wreck. When his will deserts him, he seeks help from the supernatural.

He meets a Swami who tells him that his future is the past of another person, named Sudarshan Chakrapani, but the man refuses to reveal this future. Kumar desperately starts looking for this person, who does not want to be found, to be able to intercept future mishaps.

As he struggles to find this mysterious man and their destinies start intertwining, the larger question still remains- does this Sudarshan Chakrapani even exist? A faceless man does appear at the end of the trailer claiming to be Sudarshan.

The Marathi web series stars Swwapnil Joshi; this will be Joshi’s digital debut. Along with him, Tejaswini Pandit will also be seen in the show. It is directed by Satish Rajwade.

Samantar promises to be a gripping thriller with a unique plot based on a book by Suhas Shirvalkar. It will be released on 13 March on MX Player.

Check out the trailer for Samantar here:

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