Now ‘Stree’ming: Netflix India celebrates Women’s Day

When it comes to celebrating important events like the International Women’s Day, more often than not, brands are quick to indulge in mere tokenism.

In the days of social media, these events become a mere ‘trending topic’. Consequently, the brand campaigns fail to address the genuine significance of celebrating them.

Well-known for its distinct style of ad-campaigning, Netflix came to the rescue.

The streaming giant released a video to celebrate Women’s Day featuring actor Karishma Tanna.

The caption, “Women’s day or not, we’re always Stree-ming”, is both clever and creative. The use of pun makes it amusing and deserves our applause.

Netflix made it sufficiently clear that they believe in serving their customers with content all year round.

The video shows a realistic portrayal of how brands partake in tokenism by providing “exciting offers” without doing anything substantial for women’s rights.

In the video, the look on Tanna’s face screams ‘boredom’ every single time a brand pitches their “Women’s Day” offer. The flash of “Can it be more cliche?” on the screen sums up our emotions about the ads we get to see.

The dominant idea that pink is a ‘feminine’ colour is also something that the video critiques, for which the creative team gets brownie points.

The video ends with an exhausted Tanna coming back to find solace in her sofa while we hear the classic Netflix opening sound.

The streaming platform leaves us with the promise, “No matter what day, we are always streaming.”

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