Rick and Morty’s short film Samurai & Shogun is out

Adult Swim released a Rick and Morty short film, “Samurai & Shogun”, to keep the fans satisfied while on hiatus. The animated web series took a break just after releasing episode five of the fourth season, promising the fans that it would return soon. 

Samurai & Shogun has a different take as it puts Rick and Morty in the world of anime; it is inspired by, and pays homage to, Lone Wolf and Cub manga. The usual team of Rick and Morty was not involved in this project, but a different team worked to make it possible; it is produced by Studio Deen. 

It is in the form of classic samurai films, directed by Akira Kurosawa. Japanese actors have given their voice for the series; Yohei Tadano has voiced the character of Rick and Keisuke Chiba has done it for the character of Morty.

Jason DeMarco, VP and Creative Director for on-air at Adult Swim, dropped the film via his twitter account, with an attached warning that the film is full of mountains of blood and multiple beheadings. He further added:

“We are always making interesting little Rick and Morty Network IDs, with other artists doing their interpretation of the characters, and I thought it would be cool to do an anime take on the show.”

Rick and Morty is a science fiction sitcom. It is based on the adventures of a grandfather-grandson duo. Morty goes on a number of interdimensional adventures with his scientist grandfather, Rick. It is created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon. The show has four seasons and is available on Netflix.

Releasing the six-minute short film is not the first time that the creators of Rick and Morty have surprised the fans. In a similar fashion, in April 2018 Rick and Morty’s “Bushworld Adventures” was released.

Check out Samurai & Shogun here:

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