Reservation Dogs season 2: Release date, cast, synopsis, trailer, and more

Reservation Dogs is an American teen comedy-drama series about a group of teenagers coming from a culturally significant background dream of making it big in life.

Release date

Season 2 of Reservation Dogs premieres on August 3 on Hulu.

Cast and Creators

  • Devery Jacobs
  • D’Pharaoh Woon-A-Tai
  • Lane Factor
  • Paulina Alexis
  • Sarah Podemski
  • Zahn McClarnon
  • Dallas Goldtooth
  • Gary Farmer

Written by: Sterlin Harjo, Taika Waititi, Bobby Wilson

Directed by: Sydney Freeland and Sterlin Harjo


“The show follows the lives of four Native American youths as they go about their daily lives both committing and resisting crime in rural Oklahoma. The gang struggles with the desire to go to California in the manner that their comrade Daniel dreamed of doing after his death one year before the events of the series. But before they can prepare to leave, they must finish up any unfinished business in their life and in their society.”

Other details

It is a noteworthy first because it has an almost fully Indigenous North American cast and production staff, as well as writers and directors who are all Indigenous.


Despite the fact that Bear’s poor spirit guide is still present for comedic relief, it appears that season two will focus on the emotional repercussions of Elora Danan leaving her friends behind to travel to California with Jackie. That road trip doesn’t seem to be going well, and back in Oklahoma, Bear is having difficulties in his new work and there is a possibility that Willie Jack is cursed.

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