Remarriage & Desires: Release date, cast, synopsis, trailer & more

Remarriage & Desires is a satirical drama series where a middle-class divorcee plots a revenge play against her ex-husband’s mistress through a matchmaking agency.

Release date

Remarriage & Desires will be released on Netflix on July 15.

Cast and creators

  • Kim Hee-sun 
  • Lee Hyun-wook 
  • Jung Yoo-jin 
  • Cha Ji-yeon 
  • Park Hoon

Directed by Kim Jeong-min

Written by Lee Geun-yeong

Produced by Image9 Tiger, Tiger Studio


“Set at the exclusive matchmaking agency Rex catering to the top echelons of society, ambitious souls hope to upgrade their status by marrying or remarrying into the ranks of the elite. They aspire to nab someone from the “Black” tier, the highest group consisting of the top 0.001 percent of the population.”

Other details

The series is a satire on Korean society where divorce, remarriages, and desires are carefully crafted plays by upper-class matchmaking companies. The series will consist of eight episodes.


Seo Hye-seung divorced her husband after she found out about his upper-class mistress. However, due to uncertain factors accelerated by the mistress, Seo’s husband dies.

Seo is now set to take revenge on the mistress and plots a revengeful act through an upper-class professional matchmaking company where marriage is a business.

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