Mormon No More: Release Date, cast, synopsis, trailer & more

Mormon No More is a documentary series that follows two Mormon women who fall in love with each other and leave the confines of the church.

Release date

Mormon No More is now streaming on Hulu.

Cast and creators

  • Lena Schwen
  • Sally Osborne

Created by ABC News Studios

Executively produced by Edward Hambleton and Claire Weinraub


“Mormon No More follows two married Mormon moms who fall in love and leave the faith. The series explores how the couple navigates telling their husbands, families, and the church, and what it’s like to co-parent their combined seven children with their ex-husbands.”

Other details

The documentary series follows the real-life and experiences of the two women, and now, Osborne even has her own podcast called ‘Peace Out’ to share their story.


The story traces Lena and Sally’s coming out journey, as well as their experiences with self-acceptance, overcoming challenges and ultimately moving away from their faith.

Their narrative is one of love, faith, trials and rejections but ultimately points towards hope for a more inclusive future.

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