Paused with Vir Das: Comic explains Shakespeare in new video

Vir Das is on a roll when it comes to entertaining people during quarantine. From hosting gigs on Instagram live to releasing a new web series on Netflix, he’s got us covered.

Now, Das is here to entertain some more with a new idea titled, Paused with Vir Das on YouTube. Made in association with Black Dog Easy Evenings, the first video uploaded on Das’ channel is called Shakespeare Explained.

In the video, Das hilariously reveals that he loves Shakespeare but has not read three of his plays which are Macbeth, Winter’s Tale and Richard the Third. He further mentions that he’s gonna finish them, and before the end of the video, try and explain all of Shakespeare’s works in under three minutes.

Das accepts that it is not going to be simple and will require finishing all works, mentally preparing himself and deliver. He then actually goes on to narrate every work and relates them to Bollywood films along the way.

For example, he describes As You Like It as follows:

Girl in forest cross dressing as a dude, meets a duke, falls in love. Turns out she’s not actually a dude and the duke is okay with that. Chachi 420.

As he finishes, he urges the audience to try and explain these plays like he did in under three minutes and there might be a prize waiting for them.

Paused with Vir Das is one of many efforts being made by the entertainment industry to help people stay entertained as they remain indoors to stay safe from the horrible situation outside. Towards the end of the video there is a message by Black Dog which states:

While a lot of people are working tirelessly and selflessly to keep us safe, our job is to stay indoors so let’s figure how to savour this pause.

Here is Paused with Vir Das: Shakespeare Explained.

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