Netflix unveils first-ever Anime Creators’ Base

Netflix creates its first-ever Anime Creators’ Base, located inside their Tokyo office. This community space will host designers, writers, and Netflix team members working on Netflix’s anime lineup.

It was inspired by Taiki Sakurai (Chief Producer, Anime), who wanted to promote high production standards and empower creators with the necessary tools and resources for quality anime production.

At the opening, Netflix Anime Creators’ Base will focus on developing conceptual art to support creators and production studios during pre-production. 

“When I first watched the hit anime series Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!, an inspiring story about three high schoolers coming together to found an animation club, I was intrigued by the idea of making a space where creative minds could gather. It reminded me that creative processes should always be driven by passion and having fun,” he said.

Netflix Anime Creators’ Base consists of three areas:

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  • Designers’ Garage: Here designers will focus on creating conceptual art at the early developmental stages of an anime series or film to ensure that the creative staff is aligned on the look and feel of a project.
  • Writers’ Garage: This meeting room is designed to be a collaborative space for creatives working on anime shows. Here teams will develop and edit scripts, and invite creators to discuss new projects. 
  • Lab: This multi-functional space is designed to be a versatile room for innovation, like testing out new creative technologies such as VR or playing around with the latest motion capture technologies. 

Watch as N-ko gives a tour of the base:

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