The Idhun Chronicles: First Spanish Netflix original anime series

Netflix has announced that its first-ever Spanish Netflix original anime series ‘The Idhun Chronicles’ will come out in September 2020.

The official synopsis by the platform reads:

“The day the three Suns and three Moons came together in alignment over Idhun, Ashran, the necromancer, seized power and the reign of the winged snakes started. The first battle for Idhun’s freedom takes place on Earth, where Jack and Victoria fight to stop Kirtash, an assassin sent by Ashran to destroy the idhunites who escaped from his tyranny. However, without knowing it Jack and Victoria are part of a prophecy that will intertwine their destinies in a story full of love and hate that will unchain duels to death and also build unexpected alliances.”

Based on the best-selling book by Laura Gallego ‘The Resistance’, the anime series will comprise 5 episodes consisting of 25 minutes each.

The Idhun Chronicles has been produced and developed by Zeppelin and Vitoria-Gasteiz respectively.

Apart from The Idhun Chronicles, Netflix has some stellar anime releases planned, including a series on video games Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell and Dragon’s Dogma. One of its hit original series, Castlevania, is also poised for season 4.

Here’s the Spanish teaser:

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