‘Mere Mortals: ’Mythic Quest’ to expand with spin-off

Apple TV+ has announced that the world of ‘Mythic Quest’ is set to expand, with a spin-off titled ‘Mere Mortals’ already planned out.

The 8-episodes series will be written by Ashly Burch, John Howell Harris and Katie McElhenney, and executive produced by Megan Ganz, Rob McElhenney, David Hornsby and Charlie Day.

‘Mere Mortals’ is set to “explore the lives of employees, players and fans who are impacted by the game”. As per the streaming service, it is inspired by the departure episodes that air in every season, as well as the special episodes.

‘Mythic Quest’ is an acclaimed comedy that revolves around the staff behind a successful video game. The finale of season 3 is set to air on January 6.

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