Love to Hate You: Release date, cast, synopsis, trailer & more

The South Korean television series Love to Hate You tells the story of a young lady who has lost everything important to her life and decides to start afresh during which she meets a man, and they eventually start dating.

Release date

The series is scheduled to debut on Netflix on February 10.

Cast and creators

  • Kim Ok-vin as Yeo
  • Teo Yoo as Nam Kang-ho
  • Kim Ji-hoon as Do Won-jun
  • Go Won-hee as Shin Na-eun
  • Lee Joo-bin as Oh Se-na

Director: Kim Jung Kwon

Writer: Choi Soo Young

Official synopsis

“A woman hates losing to men and a man suspicious of women has a war-like relationship between them. The man subsequently finds life remedies behind their opposite traits. As there is a thin line between love and hate, love and emotions triumph over the mistrust between the opposite sex.”

Other details

The popular South Korean actress Go Won-hee joined the cast of the Binge Works-produced series on November 15, 2021.


Love means nothing to an attorney who hates losing to men and an A-list actor who distrusts women until they are made to date one another.

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