The Exchange: Release date, cast, synopsis, teaser & more

The Exchange follows the story of two women, who set out to disrupt Kuwait’s corrupt boys’ club and pioneer the fierce stock market in the 1980s. The show is inspired by real-life events.

Release date

The Exchange is premiering on February 8, on Netflix.


  • Jasem Al-Nabhan
  • Faisal AlAmeri
  • Abdullah Bahman
  • Mona Hussain
  • Rawan Mahdi
  • Mohamed Mansour
  • Maryam Salih
  • Asmahan Tawfiq.


“Welcome to 80s Kuwait.. the heyday of the stock market. Two Kuwaiti women are about to blaze a trail to become “Wonders of The Exchange”, in a male-dominated workplace, where bets are bold, and stakes are sky-high!”

Other details

The series is the first Kuwaiti production on Netflix.


The clip provides an insight into the true events back during the 1980s in Kuwait. Two women challenge the male-dominated stock market and break stereotypes. But they have to build the confidence to fight patriarchy.

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