Lizzie McGuire revival production goes on hiatus as creator steps down

If you were a 90s or 2000s kid that grew up watching classic Disney TV shows, words couldn’t contain your excitement at the news that everyone’s favourite girl in town, Lizzie McGuire, was going to make her comeback. Hey now, that’s what (at least we thought) dreams are made of.

Unfortunately, the production for the awaited reboot has been put on hold, as the creator herself, Terri Minsky has officially withdrawn from the show. The reason being cited as creative differences in the production process. A new showrunner is yet to be named.

Lizzie McGuire revival production goes on hiatus as creator steps down 1
Source: Disney+

A spokesperson for Disney expressed that the fans have high expectations for the upcoming reboot as they hold sentimental attachments to the show. Hence, the decision was made to halt production after filming two episodes, as they ‘need to move in a new direction’ and ‘put a new lens on the series’.

The Lizzie McGuire revival stars Hilary Duff in the titular role, now in her late 20s navigating her way through the various turbulences of adulthood, accompanied by friends – old and new, her family and her ever-charming 13-year-old animated alter-ego.

“She seemingly has it all – her dream job as an assistant to a fancy New York City Interior Designer, her dream guy and a picturesque Brooklyn apartment – but things aren’t always as they seem.

Synopsis, Disney+

The production for the show commenced in November, 2019, with original cast members returning to the screen to reprise their respective roles, including Hallie Todd, Adam Lamberg, Jake Thomas and Robert Carradine. Duff made the official announcement for the spin-off at D23 Expo event organised by Disney+ in August, 2019.

Duff and Rachel Winter are set to be executive producers alongside Ranada Shepard. The series is being produced by Salty Pictures Inc. in association with Disney.

Lizzie McGuire revival production goes on hiatus as creator steps down 2
Source: Disney+

Lizzie McGuire lasted two seasons and was one of the most popular Disney shows to have aired between 2000 and 2004. It catapulted Duff to international fame along with a special movie featurette that was released in 2003 titled Lizzie McGuire: The Movie.

So, it is unlikely that reboot will grace our screens any time soon (what with Duff honeymooning in Mozambique with the hub, Matthew Koma), but we can assure you that Lizzie will be back, and she will be better than ever.

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