Lisa Aschan to direct Swedish feature film for Netflix

Netflix has announced a new untitled Swedish film which will be directed by Lisa Aschan (Ring Mamma). It will be a light hearted comedy featuring Charlotta Björck, Sanna Sundqvist and Ia Langhammer, among others. 

Written by Marie Østerbye, the film is a heartwarming story about forgiveness, family, and sisterhood. It revolves around Sara, who lives in a perfect nuclear family with Daniél, their son, Eliot and a soon-to-be-born second child.

However, after unexpected life-altering events, the heavily pregnant Sara finds herself alone. She eventually gets solace from her estranged elder sister, Linda, who moves in with her dog to lend a hand.

Talking about the film, Aschan said: “I was completely blown away by Marie’s script. Making it come to life has been very intriguing and so much fun.”

Production for the film has begun in Stockholm, Sweden and it will be the first Netflix film produced by Meta Film Stockholm.

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