Lilly Singh to host Ask Lilly on Instagram

The big bad Coronavirus is roaming the streets, and people have locked themselves in their houses. If the virus does not end the human race, then boredom would definitely do the job.

Artists around the globe are taking responsibility and stepping forward to help people beat the quarantine blues. They know that this is the time to do what they do best – entertain people. It could be their way of contributing to the cause of limiting the spread of the pandemic.

Comedian and talk show host Lilly Singh is one of the many artists who are taking such initiatives. She recently revealed on Instagram that she would be hosting a live event, called “Ask Lilly”, on Instagram on Tuesday 31 March. The event will start at 9.30 am PST, that is 10 pm in India.

Through the medium of this event, she would not only chat with her fans but address their questions as well. Apart from this, the event will also have her live performance, featuring Humble The Poet. She stated that they would be performing the classics.

Lilly Singh is an international artist with a massive fan base. She is creator respopnsible for the “Superwoman” channel on YouTube which has more than 14 million subscribers. She is dedicating this event to her Superwoman fans.

She is currently the host of a successful American late night-talk show, A Little Late with Lilly Singh.

Here is a clip from her show:

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