Life is Good: Ashish Shakya’s first-ever stand up special

Amazon Prime Video India is set to launch its latest stand-up comedy special with Ashish Shakya titled ‘Life is good’.

The official description by OML Entertainment Pvt Ltd reads:

“Life Is Good is Ashish Shakya’s first-ever comedy special that has been honed over the last two years of his career, or the last 34 years of his existence – whichever backstory you prefer. Watch Ashish oscillate between goofy and sharp as he unleashes a volley of jokes on everything from the futility of nostalgia, to the ridiculousness of youth to stepmoms, terrorists, Bollywood, satire, romance and the pointlessness of existence. 

When asked why people should watch this special, Ashish said, ‘It’s funny, it’s chill, it’s relatable AF – it won’t change your life but you’ll laugh, get some sweet dopamine hits and then go to bed with your someone special.’* *Someone special not provided by comedian. Audiences are requested to make their own arrangements.”

The special is the first-ever by Shakya, who earlier operated as part of one of India’s biggest comedy creatives: All India Bakchod (AIB).

At its peak, AIB was hit by the #MeToo movement in India with two from its original quartet, Tanmay Bhat and Gursimran Khamba, getting pulled into sexual harassment controversies.

The creative, which once saw millions of views on its sketches, saw all its operations suspended and now only operates on social media.

Here’s the trailer:

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