Wake N’ Bake: Rohan Joshi’s comedy special with Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video India has released a trailer for All India Bakchod (AIB) member and co-founder Rohan Joshi’s standup special titled ‘Wake N’ Bake’.

The trailer shows a stoned Joshi trying to shoot a trailer announcement. It also hints at the topics that will be discussed during the special such as marriage, sex, ageing, texting and more.

Joshi had announced that he had been working on the special. He also revealed that the production will be taken care of by Only Much Louder (OML).

OML has been working with other comedians in the industry including Kenny Sebastian, Biswa Kalyan Rath, Kanan Gill, Atul Khatri, Sumukhi Suresh, Varun Thakur and more.

Joshi has also previously created his solo comedy tour with the same name.

The comedian took to Instagram to make the announcement as well as express some of his nervousness before the release:


Joshi had co-created the comedic group AIB along with Tanmay Bhat, Ashish Shakya and Gursimran Khamba. After a few #MeToo allegations, AIB went on a long break.

However, earlier this year, they released a statement saying Bhat and Khamba (who were in the centre of the cases) stepped away from the functioning of the company.

Wake N’ Bake is all set to premiere on Amazon Prime Video India on January 10, 2020.

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