Kiara Advani struggles with reality in Netflix’s new teaser for Guilty

Netflix has released a teaser for the upcoming mystery thriller series Guilty.

With Kiara Advani in the lead, the short clip shows the protagonist, Nanki, sitting in a dingy warehouse talking to herself.

As the camera gets closer, the two sides of her mind are shown to reason with her. The sides argue whether or not her boyfriend, VJ, is guilty of a crime against another girl, Tanu. Before the camera fades to black, Nanki confesses she doesn’t know whom to trust, Tanu or VJ and hence the search begins.

Announced back in 2019, Guilty is part of a series of 10 Netflix original films that have been made in conjunction with various prolific directors. The movie explores the various events which transpire when the lead singer of a band is accused of rape. Guilty takes place through the eyes of the singer’s girlfriend Nanki.

The movie has been produced by Karan Johar in association with the digital arm of Dharma Productions, Dharmatic. This will be Kiara Advani’s second tie-up with Netflix after Lust Stories. A full-length trailer was released a while back.

Guilty has been directed by Ruchi Narain and will be available to stream on March 6th. Watch the teaser below.

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