Kajol is a livewire: Renuka Shahane on shooting for Tribhanga

Talking about the vibe on the sets of upcoming Netflix original film Tribhanga: Tedhi Medhi Crazy, director Renuka Shahane called Kajol a “livewire”.

She said: “Kajol is a livewire, she keeps the atmosphere on the set alive. I was so glad to see her involvement while shooting, she made sure that each and every person on set felt comfortable and worked with ease.

“Working with her was really fun, there were multiple occasions where we were shooting for emotional scenes and before we used to cut, we burst out in laughter as if we hadn’t just shot a serious scene. The trust she had in me and the way she has justified the role is beautiful and I consider myself lucky to find someone like her.”

Tribhanga’s cast is dominated by women and Kajol revealed that this was obvious even on the sets.

The actress said: “There was so much estrogen on Tribhanga sets that we completely beat the testosterone. We had too much fun on the sets and cracked multiple dirty jokes, if you saw the BTS of this film – you would be in splits! We were so entertained during the shooting that we rolled on the floor laughing – it was a blast altogether.

“There was this one point where Renuka and I had this huge conversation about men and all of a sudden you could see there was utter silence on the set. We realized that all the men around me had kept quiet and no one was willing to look up and participate in this conversation.”

The much-awaited film also serves as Kajol’s digital debut.

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