Kaande Pohe: A Valentine’s Day short film by Terribly Tiny Talkies

To celebrate Valentine’s week, Terribly Tiny Talkies is back with a new short film: “Kaande Pohe.”

The short and sweet talkie will present the modern dilemmas surrounding the idea of arranged marriages.

“Terribly Tiny Talkies” is an extension of Terrible Tiny Tales – a widely popular storytelling platform. Terribly Tiny Talkies claim their aim to be “bring together distinctive and talented filmmakers from across the country to craft thematic short films.”

The platform has released several short films in the past including Khujli starring Jackie Shroff and Kheer starring Anupam Kher in lead roles.

They took to Instagram to announce the first look of their latest production with this post:


Named after a snack traditionally served in Maharashtra, Kaande Pohe will feature popular actor, Ahsaas Channa. Channa, who is nothing short of an internet celebrity, will play the lead role of Manisha along with Tushar Pandey (previously seen in Chhichhore) as Sanjay.

While the trailer does not reveal a lot, it is enough to pique our interest.

We witness the first awkward meeting of Manisha and Sanjay before a possible arranged marriage.

As they try to get to know each other, Manisha reveals information about her working status. Whether or not Sanjay, who supposedly has a progressive mindset, lets her continue with her job – is something that the film will take upon.

Directed by Shubham Yogi, Kaande Pohe will release on YouTube on 12 February, 2020 at 8 pm IST.

You can check out the trailer here:

You can also check out their other short films on Youtube.

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